Shipping policy

1. Shipping Costs

1.1 All shipping rates are the same as MyParcel (postnl).

This means that letterbox packages within the Netherlands are currently shipped for € 3.99 and standard packages for € 5.95.

For an order amount of € 75 or higher, we do not charge shipping costs within the Netherlands.

1.2 We ship packages to Belgium for € 8.00, and above the order amount of € 100, we do not charge shipping costs.

1.3 We ship packages to Germany for € 7.00, and above the order amount of € 100, we do not charge shipping costs.

1.3 We ship packages to England for € 25.00, and above the order amount of € 200, we do not charge shipping costs.

1.3 For other rates, please contact us or look up the rates at PostNl.

1.4 You will receive a track and trace code with every order.


2. Return

2.1 If the ordered goods do not meet your expectations or you ordered the wrong product, you can return the products within 14 days in original packaging, clean, unused and sufficient postage (cost customer) send back.

2.2 In order to provide clarity for our customer, you must accompany the consignment of the enclosed invoice.

2.3 The return of items is at your own expense and risk. It is wise to returns to ask for proof of shipment and insure more expensive packages.

2.4 Does your return to the conditions we will refund the purchase price within 14 days to your bank account. 

2.5 If by Sambucco delivered items are not returned within the "trial period" in Article 1.1, the goods are considered as accepted by you without any objection. 


How to sign us that you would like to return a product?

- Send an e-mail to


3. Exchanges

3.1 Exchanges may, within 14 days under the conditions set out in Article 2.1. We charge you the costs of any additional price of an item, you must make prior to the bank number of Sambucco.

How to sign us that you would like to exchange a product?

- Send an e-mail to


4. Send / delivery

4.1Delivery takes place while supplies last.

4.2 Sambucco ships worldwide. All our deliveries are preferably delivered by Postnl.

4.3 As soon as the carrier HAS Determined to be "delivered" Sambucco can not be held liable for any loss or consignment Purchased it. The Client will have to speak the transport in this case.

4.4 For orders over € 75, all costs of shipping in the Netherlands, on Behalf of Sambucco.

4.5 Sambucco delivers the order expeditiously. The delivery time depends on the selected payment method. From the moment the order to pay the order will be shipped the same or next day. Unfortunately always hindrance factors May be causing this does not always work.

4.6 Despite all the care we take orders into account, it is possible That an order is not delivered or incomplete. In That case, you can inform us until 14 days after your order and delivery is supplemented at our expense or redone.

3.7 The delivery times are indicative only Specified Sambucco. Late delivery does not entitle you to compensation or the right to cancel your order or to terminate the agreement, Unless the delay in delivery is Such That You can not reasonably be required to leave the agreement intact. You are then Entitled to cancel the order or terminate the agreement if be necessary.

4.8 The shipping costs are equal to the shipping rates of MyParcel. You will also receive a track & trace code at each order.