About Sambucco

The young and newly emerging equestrian brand Sambucco was founded in July 2016. We design our collections for the contemporary equestrian female who likes to be fashionably dressed on the horse. Our collections are carefully designed, by amazons for amazons, where an eye for detail in combination with the best quality fabrics. Our clothing is produced in a fair way.

We design each unique item from the south of the Netherlands, where Sambucco is located and we work with manufacturers in Europe and Asia who are specialized in making equestrian sports and sportswear. Sambucco adds new items to her collection all year round, this ensures that you look fashionable all year round!


 Behind the Sambucco brand.

Rachelle Seijbel is the designer and founder of Sambucco. Rachelle was born in Vlissingen, where she grew up in an enterprising family. The passion for equestrian sports has been in it from an early age, from the age of six you saw her at the equestrian center, where she got her first own horse at the age of nine. In addition to equestrian sports, she has always been fascinated in fashion.

Rachelle "": It all started during my first internship period of my school, I regularly attended the purchases of equestrian brands. I noticed that many brands used the same concept, and that time, many followed the same style. From that moment I knew what I would like to change about the current equestrian sports clothing, it had to be more fashionable, renewed more often and above all be unique ! Because I design all the items by myself and have direct contacts with our manufacturers, we can switch quickly as a brand, and be the first to add all new fashion trends to our collections. ""