Incluencers but extremely fan of Sambucco - Lara and Romee Van Gaal

We are Lara and Romee van Gaal from the Instagram account @vangaaldressage (33.000 followers)

We love trendy outfits for our photoshoots and we are always at the right place at Sambucco. The shirts are not only colorful and striking, they also have a very nice fit and good quality!

Besides the fact that the Sambucco tops are perfect to complete our outfit with the look of our horse, we also like them on a regular pair of jeans and we also like to wear them to school. It is not surprising that we have almost every shirt from the Sambucco collection in our closet!

Besides the fact that the products are so nice and fun, Sambucco also has a super fast service and is a very customer-friendly company. We are always happy with the nice personal cards that are included with our order.

In short: We are Sambucco-Fan! 

- Lara (20) and Romee (18) Van Gaal, Dressage riders and both instagram influencer