Eerste accessoire in onze webshop

First accessory in our webshop

You may have already seen it! We recently started selling our first accessory, the Sambucco belt Beige.


What is an accessory? 

An accessory is an additional, non-necessary thing that belongs to a necessary good or thing. Or while the Sambucco belt beige is an accessory that you wear on (riding) trousers. In addition to belts, accessories also include hats, hair bands, jewelry, etc.


An accessory provides more decoration. Without this stuff you miss something in the decoration of your style. This is how our Sambucco riem beigeYou get an extra chic look with the gold-coloured buckle with the letter S. This belt can be very well matched with our new Baselayer Dark Desert, which also contains some beige tones.

The main purpose of this belt is of course that it prevents the pants from opening or sagging.

 sambucco beige riem


          Did you know ? 

In front of men applies that the Belt is passed through the loops counterclockwise. This means that the buckle is on the left. It is exactly the other way around for women. If she's a wearing a belt it goes clockwise through the loops resulting in a buckle on the right side.