From wet tops, to dry and comfort - Dewy Lems

My name is Dewy Lems, and I regularly wear Sambucco!

During the training of my different horses I am looking for comfort and functionality in my riding clothes. 

Especially in the winter I notice that not all the tops I have in my closet are so practical. Often after driving I have sweated, and the jerseys get wet and cold. I can tell you that it's really terrible, that if you get cold after training and you're not ready for the day! My horses are stabled in a place with only an outdoor track, so you understand that good clothing is a must.

My first purchase at Sambucco was the blue snake turtleneck. Of course, this was a good test to see how it lasted during the day! After riding, this turtleneck was still dry so I didn't cool down immediately. 

Now i have 5 tops and 3 Sambucco leggings in my closet and I wear the brand (almost) daily!

- Dewy Lems (19), LT Dressage rider.